Princess Picks: Spring Edition

Can you feel it? The lighter, warmer, air blowing through town, the pitiful excuse for Wednesday’s Snowsquesterpocalypse? Spring is (finally) on its way to the District! I’m excited, and have been ready for it – are you? Lately, I’ve been inspired by spring related things to embrace more time outdoors, and less time bundled up:

Sparkling Champagne with Strawberries Jello Shots

This weekend I indulged in the infamous jello shots at Millie & Al’s – how can you resist when that lightbulb lights up? This is a more sophisticated version of the traditional orange and red plus vodka variety. I’d puree the strawberries and layer them at the bottom for faster consumption (priorities). Find the recipe here.

Art Deco Jewelry 

This art deco necklace has got me in the mood for all things Great Gatsby (the movie comes out in May).

Denim + Leopard Print + Gold + Black Leggings

(source: Hello, Gorgeous!)

Essentially my default weekend uniform for when I’m hungover and need to go to the P Street Whole Foods (for the Hot Bar, of course).

Lilly Pulitzer Acrylic Wine Glasses

Gorgeous colorful prints on (nearly) indestructible acrylic – I can almost feel the afternoon sun basking my face thinking about enjoying a drink from these. See all the great colors and prints at the LP website.

Adorably Chic DIY Cat Flats

I’ve not-so-secretly wanted the Marc Jacobs mouse flats for years – especially this jelly version. Upgrade yourself on the food chain, and save some many dollars in your wallet with these cute DIY cat flats found at KITTENHOOD.


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