Princess Picks

So as part of my New Years Resolution (people are still doing those in February, right?), I wanted to try to take more pictures. Even Princesses need goals and hobbies – I can’t just be lolly-gagging around the palace that is my rent-controlled¬†apartment all the time.

Anyway – I went to the Columbia Heights Target, which is that odd place in the Universe that is planted firmly in both Heaven and Hell. My fellow DC subjects – you know what I’m talking about. We have the amazing Target items and discounts at our fingertips – even groceries! But how many times have I gone to Target for paper towels to find an entire isle of empty shelves – not a single roll of paper towels to be found.

I’m bottling the rest of this rant up until a friend brings up the issue again during Happy Hour (or mentions the P Street “Whorefoods”). Now to the photos:

Beautiful Springy decor with Tibi vibes. The two end tables would look beautiful pushed together as a single coffee table, and the poppy colored tray would be perfect way to transport morning coffee to the balcony/roofdeck. Find the rest of Target’s Modern Cottage collection here.

Great candle packaging (and price!). Capri Olive one was my favorite – it smelled earthy and complex.

Snagged these Adidas Supernova running shoes from DSW around the corner. They look like they may have come from Outerspace, but that’s part of the appeal.